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A little bit about AmityCoin

Zero Premine

We believe a premine is not in the spirit of Crypto. We are here for the tech not a payday.

We want our customers to stay updated with new launches in the market. Libra was the launch of the giant social media network Facebook. You can buy libra coin only through the Libra Method Website. The platform is a kind of automated trading software that is mainly launched to promote the business growth of the traders. The Libra trading platform chooses the exchange and executes the trade autonomously.

Cryptonote Variant Softshell

AmityCoin uses the Proof of Work Crypotonote Variant Soft Shell which was inspired by Nerva's (XNV) Adaptive algorithim. This makes AmityCoin ASIC, GPU, FPGA and Pool Resistant. The only way to mine AmityCoin is to Solo Mine with a CPU. Due to the adaptive nature of Soft Shell, creating pool software becomes impractical

Reward unlock time

AmityCoin implements a unique block reward unlock time of 12 hours to discourage malicious chain forks.


Our plans, ambitions and goals.

  • November 2018

    Launch the Community Buyback System (CBS)

    The CBS is a system to allow the AmityCoin team to secure funding for future development and research while rewarding early miners and supporters. More can be read about it here

  • Early 2019

    Grow the AmityCoin Community

    We want to have a community that is engaged and having fun in the true spirit of Amity. We plan on a Discord Rainborg tipbot amongst other things for our community members. We want it grow and have you all along for the ride. Join the Discord below.

  • Mid 2019

    Growing the Amity team

    We don't want to do it alone. If you think you have something that may benefit the project please drop by our discord and let us know your thoughts! Just like our community we want to grow our team as well. Join us!

  • 2019

    Research of the Proof of Time (PoT) theory

    Crypto is about innovation and trying to push the limits of what can be done while thinking outside the box. We encourage new inventions in cryptocurrency market. Try out profit secret test 2021 to learn its efficiency. One idea we’d like to make a reality is our Proof of Time theory which outputs a lower block reward if the block solve time isn’t within correct limits

  • Are
    with us?


AmityCoin's Team

Past and present Team Members and Contributors

Jack 'Mitoshi' James


Aaron 'Morpheus' Tomsett


Matt 'Hooftly' Hooft

Projects Manager
Jr. Web Developer

Bastian 'MadHatter' Hochgürtel

Bot Master

Michael 'NjamNjam' Herwig


Llama.Horse Mining Co.


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